Why are these Awards important for Whitehouse?

These awards have brought in excess of $500,000.00 in TXDOT funding for the following major capital projects:
o Sidewalks along 110 and crape myrtles along 346.
o Stone Whitehouse entrance signs.
o Fencing with stone pillars and landscaping for City Park.
o Benches and landscaping for the corners of 346 and 110.
o Raised rock planters in front of Brown Elementary.  And so much more!

KWB Wins Governor’s Community Achievement Award for 6th Time!

DSC_0980Keep Whitehouse Beautiful has won the prestigious Governor’s Community Achievement Award for 2015. For more than two decades, Keep Texas Beautiful, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has awarded the Governor’s Community Achievement Awards (GCAA) to ten Texas communities with the best grassroots environmental programs in the state each year. The competition distributes $2 million in funding from TxDOT across the 10 communities, with the amount based on population size. The funds are used for landscaping projects along local rights-of-way. A community’s environmental program is judged on achievements in seven areas: Community Leadership and Coordination, Public Awareness, Education, Beautification and Community Improvement, Litter Prevention and Cleanup, Solid Waste Management and Litter Law and Illegal Dumping Enforcement.

The last year Keep Whitehouse Beautiful won this award was in 2011, and the project completed by TxDOT was 2 Whitehouse monument signs on the north and west ends of town. Other projects completed from awards are benches and landscaping at the corner of Hwy 110 and FM 346, fencing and landscaping at Whitehouse City Park, the brick sidewalk in front of Brookshire’s, and the garden retaining wall and landscaping in front of Brown Elementary.

Beverly Casey, President of Keep Whitehouse Beautiful reacted to the news, “KWB would like to thank its business sponsors, friends, The City of Whitehouse, and our many volunteers that put in the hours to make Whitehouse a beautiful place to live. We invite the community to become good stewards of Whitehouse – by volunteering at our events, coming to our monthly meetings, becoming a friend or sponsor.”


KWB Wins Organization of the Year from the Whitehouse Chamber of Commerce

DSC_0124Keep Whitehouse Beautiful was honored with the Organization of the Year award from the Whitehouse Chamber of Commerce at their annual banquet on Tuesday, October 7th.

Angela Klein, Communications Director for the Whitehouse Chamber, introduced the award and honorees as “very hardworking people that care deeply for the community of Whitehouse”.  She also mentioned that KWB had won the Governor’s Community Achievement Award 5 times, and was receipient of the Gold Star and Silver Star awards from Keep Texas Beautiful annually.  CONGRATULATIONS!


Whitehouse Monument Signs Installed – 2011 GCAA Award Project

IMG_0763Two large monument signs have been installed at the north and west ends of Whitehouse, thanks to KWB winning the 2011 Governor’s Community Achievement Award.  The signs were completed in late fall of 2014, and have lights shining on them at night, so drivers can see them from HWY 110 and FM 346.  Don’t they look great!