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Pictures from Cain Elementary Flower Gardens

Cain Elementary’s Student Council sponsor Micha Elliott and student council members and their families met at the school April 14 to beautify the campus. The Student Council had been granted the Keep Whitehouse Beautiful award to beautify the west side of the building, which faces Hwy. 110. The raised flower beds and flowers were added from the grant and students also cleaned the front flower bed and the PK flower bed, weeding and planting. Twenty rose bushes were planted, lantana, and rose moss. Thank you, Student Council, parents, and Mrs. Elliott.

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Keep Whitehouse Beautiful Awarded Governor’s Community Achievement Award for 2011

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful volunteer Angela Klein presents the certificate of award for the 2011 GCAA at the July 2011 Whitehouse City Council meeting. From left: Mike Peterson, City Manager; Angela Klein; Mayor Danny Hogden

Keep Texas Beautiful has awarded Keep Whitehouse Beautiful the 2011 Governor’s Community Achievement Award (GCAA) in the category of population size 5,000 to 9,000. Per the report compiled by Keep Texas Beautiful:  “In 2010, members of Keep Whitehouse Beautiful, together with local citizens, volunteered a total of 3,747 hours to community projects, and participated in 15 community events over the course of last year, reaching over 5,000 citizens. They also had direct contact with approximately 2,000 elementary students. Every school in Whitehouse participated in a recycling program last year, collecting everything from paper, cardboard and aluminum to ink jet and toner cartridges. KWB is active on five of six WISD campuses, and has taken the lead in working with educators to teach environmental, litter prevention and recycling lessons to all grades. Examples include: more than 350 first graders participating in a litter abatement and nature appreciation day, during which they completed booklets about littering and received a litter bag and a pencil; more than 330 third graders discussing why we recycle and creating Christmas ornaments from homemade paper embedded with phlox seeds; and nearly 370 sixth graders researching the advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources and testing objects at home to gauge their energy use. The local YMCA joined the action in 2010 as well, offering for the first time a six-week gardener program for their upper elementary summer campers. It was a huge success!

The KTB award for sustained excellence from 2009-2011

When the 2010 Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off rolled around, Whitehouse residents were ready to dive right in. Over 300 citizens – from Boy Scouts and school groups to church members, business people and city leaders – cleared 43.25 miles of roadway, collecting more than 7,000 pounds of litter in the process. The semi-annual Whitehouse’s Large Item Roundup was equally successful, netting 80 appliances, 27,000 pounds of scrap metal and 75 tires.

The local recycling center worked overtime as well last year. Staffed by only a city supervisor, community service workers served as the center’s workforce. They provided 1,108 hours of labor at no cost to the city, accepting and processing more than 255,000 pounds of recyclables, including 78,000 pounds of cardboard, more than 18,500 pounds of plastic, nearly 6,000 pounds of steel cans and over 150,000 pounds of paper. In a time of statewide budget cuts, Whitehouse pocketed more than $8,500 thanks to its efforts. With its environmental achievements acting as a beacon for the entire region, the city of Whitehouse is most certainly delivering on its goal of creating a healthier, more modern city.”

Thank you to Keep Texas Beautiful for its incredible leadership to all the local affiliates throughout the state.  Go to the link below to view the page on the KTB site about Keep Whitehouse Beautiful and to view a slideshow of pictures from Whitehouse.

KWB in Action at Schools – Recycling

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful President Debbie Shafer met with Brown Elementary pre-schoolers at New Canaan Church on Monday, April 4th to teach about recycling.  They were so excited to learn, they looked for the recycling number on the packages from their lunches afterwards!

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KWB Donates To Brown Elementary For Vegetable Garden

Keep Whitehouse Beautiful awarded a grant of $200 to Brown Elementary to plant a vegetable garden at the school. In addition to the grant, businesses in the surrounding area helped them out by donating garden supplies. According to Angie Connor, a teacher at Brown Elementary, “On a Saturday in March, students and their families spent the day tilling up the grounds and making beds for their wagon wheel shaped garden. A trench was dug with the help of fifth grade students and the water line was put in place. Students eagerly waited for the day when their class brought out their seedlings to plant. Kindergarten students brought out corn and sunflower seedlings and I taught them to carefully peel the milk carton away from the delicate roots. There were many oohs and aahs as the children observed the seedlings root system for the first time. I then showed them how to dig a hole in the soil and gently place the seedling in the ground. After that, I told them that this was a baby plant and they must carefully cover the roots with the good rich soil like you cover a baby with a blanket.

Wide eyed children watched and worked while fifth grade students guided them along. This process continued throughout the day with each class at Brown as we planted squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and green beans. Every student took part in planting our garden! To complete the garden, we had another Saturday work day where staff members, students and their families added the final touches. We spread crushed granite in the walking paths, planted flowers and mulched the beds. Lastly, we added the cattle panels with t-posts to support the tomato plants. You were one of our main contributors that made our garden a success!”

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